Rick Bayers BuckCreekStudio.com at age 19

Rick Bayers was born August 10, 1955 in Sparta, Illinois.  Rick grew up and lived most of his young life in New Athens, Illinois, a small rural farming and mining community. The country home and rural setting gave him a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors. At the age of 15, Rick found his passion for oil painting. Not having money for canvas or canvas board, he would paint on the back of old house paneling. and also used old burlap feed sacks from the barn. He made his own stretcher bars from available wood and primed the stretched sacks with white house paint.  His “studio” was his bedroom in the attic bedroom that he shared with his twin brother.

Professional Art Career:

After graduating High school in 1973, Rick started his art career as an artist/designer for Ralston Purina Company, in St. Louis, MO. He was then promoted to manager in their in-house Creative/Promotional Agency. After spending 20 years at Ralston he started his own Advertising Agency and has worked with several top Ad agencies in St. Louis. Rick recently retired as an Advertising/Marketing Manager with Good Earth Tools, a global Industrial Parts Manufacturer.

Painting Background

Rick is primarily a self-taught artist/painter although he did attend several classes at the School of Fine Arts, Washington University in St. Louis MO. As he honed his painting skills over the years, he became influenced by the works of early 20th century American Impressionists and several American art colony artists. Bayers has traveled the country in search of some of the most beautiful landscapes and scenery that America has to offer.

He was honored to have been a part of St. Louis Kodner Gallery “Best of Missouri Painters” exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis and was featured at Kodner’s “St. Louis River Keepers” exhibit . He was also chosen as one of the four artists for Kodner’s “Missouri Masters” exhibit. Rick in now 68 years old and currently resides at his home and studio in Festus, Mo.

Rick Bayers of BuckCrekStudio.com

“I wish everyone could experience the sheer happiness, and euphoria I have when  I paint. I lay excited every night in anticipation, thinking about my paintings.  The smell of linseed oil and turpentine is addicting to me. What’s amazing is this sensational feeling is as strong today as when I picked up my brush almost 50 years ago.  In every one of my paintings you will see in one form or another, this sincere approach to my work.”