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Sandy Creek Covered Bridge

sandy creek covered bridge

36" x 24" oil on canvas

When taking one of my many rides in the local area to find new scenes to paint, I stopped to visit this small park in Hillsboro MO. The park has one of Missouri's scarce covered bridges. I just loved the red paint on the old wood panels and the shadows on the bridge from all the large oak trees. 

This bridge was built in 1872 to allow passage from the Jefferson County seat of Hillsboro to St. Louis. John H. Morse built Sandy Creek Covered Bridge using the Howe-truss design, named for William Howe. Howe patented his design in 1840, which featured the use of vertical rods to draw wooden members tight against the top and bottom of the bridge.

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News & Events

2019 Hayloft Exhibit at the 4th Friday Art Walk, Ste Genevieve

Rick was included in the 2019 Kick-off of the 4th Friday Art Walk in Ste Genevieve, MO. He and other local artists, including James Wooldridge and Mary Peura showed their work at the Hayloft Gallery. There was a fun after-party event that started at 9:00 which included James Wooldridge's band and catered food/refreshments!