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I'm just a general fan of people who have great passions and love for what they do. I think that is why I like the show Treehouse Masters shown on Animal Planet.

Pete Nelson is the owner of a company, Nelson Treehouse and Supply who hosts the show. I just love watching his enthusiasm and passion to build treehouses. In my mind, he is a great artist. When Pete meets his customers, one of the first things they do is go out and find the right tree or trees to build their tree house. What I find amazing (and I don't think it is a "put-on") is Pete's ability to listen to the trees and hear them call out to him PICK ME, PICK ME. I think that's what we need to do as artists when we paint. We need to create works that one day will yell out PICK ME, PICK ME. The only way your painting will talk and yell out to their audience is to show the raw enthusiasm and passion you put into the work. Before I start working on any painting, I first ask myself what is this scene trying to communicate. Unlock that mystery, throw in a lot of passion, put it on a canvas and you will have a painting that will yell..PICK ME!


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