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I recently opened a Chinese fortune cookie and read my fortune. Most fortunes are fun to read, laugh at, share and then throw away. This one was different.

It meant something very special to me. It kind of took my breath way. This fortune identified and exposed “at the core” my philosophy and what I try to do as a painter. Being devout artists and painters we all have to have "the ability to sense and know higher truths". It really doesn't matter what art medium you practice, it is what we strive each day as we produce our work. Higher Truth. So I'm sending this fortune out to all my fellow artists as a reminder. Unfortunately I ate the cookie so you’re out of luck there!




News & Events

Bayers will be a featured artist at the new Cobble Stone Art Gallery

Opening September 8th 2017, Cobblestone Frame and Art Gallery will be kicking off their grand opening. Rick Bayers has been selected as one of the featured artists. 

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Rick Bayers will be a guest Judge at the 2017 Ste. Genevieve Plein Air Arts Event

Rick Bayers will be one of the Judges for the 2017 St. Genevieve Plein Air Arts event being held on September 20 - September 24, 2017. 

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Rick Bayers loans a Bernard E. Peters painting to the 2017 Promenade des Arts Event

Rick will be loaning one of his private collections of Bernard E. Peters to the 2017 Promenade des Arts Event.  

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Private Lessons

Want to learn how to paint in oil or improve your current painting skills? Go to my Private Lesson page to learn more.